My ultimate goal is to share unconditional happiness through faith, study and practice with my community. 

Energetic Medicine & Buddhist Medicine are the main vehicles through which I hope to achieve this goal.

WELLBEING: In Oriental Medicine, there is a familiarity with the invisible cosmic forces within us as well as in the great Universe. A healing opportunity is always present as we believe in this divine cosmic consciousness and power, which is, ultimately, wisdom and compassion for happiness. We call it divine Chi, and Albert Einstein called it a mysterious spirit essence that motivates the entire Universe. Dr. Richard Geber, the author of the Vibrational Medicine, stated that the recognition that all matter is a form of energy, and that the foundation for understanding how human beings as a dynamic energetic system. Through his famous equation, E=MC 2, Einstein proved to scientists that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. It is the matter of the Chi transformation whether we live here or there. In Buddhism, it is called the mystic law of the cause and effect through Karmic dynamism. Cosmic consciousness manifests in 9 conscious states. We go through birth, aging, sickness and death without stopping and move on to next life through reincarnation. It is essential for us to treat the meridians, including Chakras, through vital points to tune up frequency of the body, mind and spirit. Energetic medicine is the most natural, safe and cost effective alternative medicine. With the inclusion of medicinal foods, it is a matter of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is essential to determine an accurate diagnosis in order to treat all types of pain and disorders through a Western approach; yet, I strive to release the pain and regulate the system naturally, as soon and as thoroughly as possible when the condition is chronic - such as constitutional issues. If the patients are not necessarily experiencing pain, they benefit from the beauty and pleasure of oriental medicine for body, mind and spirit. Indeed there are so many illnesses that are deeply rooted to the mind and spirit. Self transformation through Dharma and Karmic consciousness brings unconditional happiness. Then we can state that "The pain is inevitable but the suffering is optional". Why? Because we can transform poison into medicine just like changing lemons to lemonade.

LAUGHTER: We need to go back to our childhood to re-experience wonderful, funny, healing memories. I created monkey faces and stances to imitate children’s wise, laughing excitements. I call it 'monkey business’. This is the practice of the healing power of laughter. Fun and good health go together, and increase with laughter.

As I began my journey in the healing arts, I developed a sense of reverence for the sun and the moon.  According to Taoism, we follow the divine order of the Universe. According to Buddhism, we follow the mystic law of the Universe. All life depends on the power of the healing masters of the Universe.

RESPECT:  Respect is such a wonderful way to unite the family through bodywork and body language. It gives the family a great opportunity to help each other naturally. And, of course, it is wise to educate our children to practice love for elders and seniors in the family and in the community with Katatataki song- the happiness of compassion and the wisdom of the mystic law of the Universe: the law of the cause and effect. Good causes bring the effect of the good Karma of happiness. It is called Oyakoko in Japanese.

PEACE:  I believe in non-violent principles. The nation whose people know about healing hands, compassion and wisdom, will prevail in peace and happiness. 
I would like to believe that this is very possible through the family practice of music, magic hands, Katatataki song, Daoyin & Chigong practice, Buddhism practice, and Shiatsu & Anma practice at home. 

When you are looking for deep heart fulfilling experiences, read my books and practice it today. You will find divine reasons why we are here today. Indeed, we are bone to contribute to humanity and the universe.

The Princess Bamboo and The Music Hands Man tells a magical story about compassion, faith, and peace suitable for younger children as well as readers of all ages. DoAnn’s Shiatsu & Anma therapy- both long form and short form- is designed not only for training professional practitioners but also for family practice at home. DoAnn’s Daoyin and Chigong is a practical textbook for self healing arts. It has been introduced for the senior group as well.

I specialize in the Eastern Healing Arts; Daoyin, Qigong, Meditation, Breathing, Shiatsu - Anma Therapy, Transssage, and other energy works. These are excellent topics for senior citizens as well as healing practitioners.

I also focus on children's wellness. I wrote a picture book called "The Bamboo Princess and The Music Hands Man" (mentioned above) for ages 5-10. I had a vision to bring children healthy growth with a kind, polite, caring, respectful , joyful, cheerful and helping family and the communities through Music Hands and Monkey Business. I believe this kind of Asian traditional culture for home education will reduce the violence and bullying among school time life. We need compassion and wisdom instead of violence for a happy family and the peaceful world.