DoAnn's ChiGong - Healing Ourselves

PRICE : $22.50 (Blu-Ray $25.00)

Health Care : DoAnn's Chi Gong / Healing Ourselves Presented by Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko , L.,Ac. , Ph.D.

A demonstration of Nentan Alchemy Breathing - Baduanjin (known as Eight Silk Movements) Transformation of the Tree Chi Gong; narrated in English.

Included is a booklet of the Vital Points and Charts to learn along with the movements. You will learn one the most powerful , therapeutic, esoteric and specific Dantien Breathing methods, along with stretching excercises for specific organs and their energetic systems in Eight Silk movements. Tree Chigong will give you a wonderful experience of the divine order of the universe through the soft and relaxing stances of the life of the tree.

This DVD will teach you to connect with the cosmic consciousness and the unlimited divine super power, through Dantien abdominal breathing.

Inhaling unites us with our Divine Father (yang energy), as exhaling unites us with our Grace Mother (yin energy).

You will also learn how to guide your cosmic Chi through physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines.

In addition, you will learn to develop a strong faith in the universe to allow your DNA and Mitochondria to achieve the reversal of disease, slowing of aging, and cultivation of a stronger immunity system.

"The Buddha has already been an excellent healer, helping people suffering from illness. The Buddha took the teachings that he had preached in the course of his lifetime, grounded and shifted them, blended them together, and compounded an excellent medicine - the pill of the Mystic Law. Regardless of whether one understands it or not, so long as one takes the pill, can one fail to be cured of the illness of delusion?" ---Nichiren Shounin

This Buddhist medicine purifies and cleans out poisons by opening the purest Amala consciousness: the location of compassion, wisdom, and our vital force - our Chi. It is also called the Dharma nature or the enlightenment potential in every being. It does not matter whether you are Jewish, Christian, Moslem, or Hindu. This purity of consciousness is beyond the authority of any religious dogma. This is, as a matter of fact, quantum healing.

Using basic TCM and then moving on to the enlightenment found in Buddhist medicine, one will grow divine light out of frozen light of Quantum medicine.