In our life cycle of birth, growth, sickness, aging and then death, how can we maximize happiness for ourselves and others? In this presentation, you will get one of the answers. 

The sessions will give you the experiences to learn how to cultivate our CHI so that we can prevent or minimize sickness, and also slow down the aging process and even postpone death.
Methods are offered that can be used to convert negative energy to positive and joyful good health, bringing about greater happiness through our spiritual journey in life. Doin, Taoyin in Chinese, was introduced along with the art of Acupuncture, with a history that goes back at least 2,000 years to ancient China. Today, people all across the world enjoy many medical benefits and the stress reduction and management offered by these powerful healing modalities of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Kaneko Sensei's Doin practice is amazingly effective because it integrates the oneness of our life and connects us to the source of our life which goes beyond the fundamental stances of Chigong exercises. The methods involved in this session are meditation with Dantien breathing, self treatment through the energetic system, 15 Chi opening exercises, 8 Baduanjin stretching and pressing movements, Tree of life" transformations, Chigong, muscle pumping exercises, laughing "monkey business" and prayers,