Shiatsu Pressure Therapy DVD

Anma Meridian Massage Therapy and Shiatsu Pressure Therapy (DVD)

This DVD will teach you four major subjects. These are:1. Ampuku, abdominal Anma Massage Therapy. 2. Side posture sequence of Anma and Shiatsu therapy. 3. Additional Shiatsu pressure techniques 4. Sitting Anma therapy.

1. Dr. Kaneko introduces two Anpuku Style practiced today in Japan. Shinsai Ota's 13 techniques form his classic, The Illustration of Anpuku ( Anpukuzukai ) and Goto School's Anpuku. These methods are not just for gastro-intestinal health but also for well general being of our immune system through manual detoxification base on the energetic system. In deed Anpuku therapy covers from the respiratory, cardio-vascular, reproductive and excretory system as well.

2. Side posture is very instrumental for these who have neck $ shoulders stiffness, low back pain, sinus with additional stretching exercisers. And it is very helpful for pregnat women and obese people. We learn another 20 minutes sequence of Anma and Shiatsu therapy with additional meridians and pressure acupuncture points.

3. Pressure techniques was developer from traditional Anma therapy from China where Anma is called Anmo or Tuina. The arts of pressure techniques have been introduced in Shiatsu therapy in Japan and cultivated deeply into various application such as two steps pressure, three steps pressure, continual pressure, of vibratory pressure, quick pressure and suction like negative pressure. In Anma therapy of long from only two pressure techniques are introduced. That is ordinary pressure and intermittent pressure. Shiatsu therapy focuses to only pressure, exercises and Kyosei-stretching techniques but it does not limit the results when you apply these many effective pressure techniques according to the various conditions.

4. Neck & shoulder condition such as pains and limited R.O.M.(Rang Of Motion) and back ailments are our dairy concerns. Dr.Kaneko demonstrates these many effective exercises , Kyousei stretching for the popular complaints today in computer age. There are advanced techniques we need to pay attention. Please be trained well before applying these methods.

FEATURING : DoAnn T.Kaneko, Suasn Van Der Wallen
Produced, Directed and edited by Thierry Pierre Vuerings.
Narrated by Sue Astrum
Running time ; 55 minutes