Long Form Book

Shiatsu Anma Therapy: DoAnn's Short and Long Forms

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At last! Shiatsu Anma therapy at your fingertips! Dr.DoAnn Kaneko is proud to announce the completion of his book,"Shiatsu Anma Therapy, DoAnn's Short & Long Form".

This text book is based on powerful traditional Chinese medicine & Japanes style application as well as modern science. The book has detailed instructions for safe & effective practice. It is easy to learn for beginners at home, families, friends, couples and clients. This book also presents informed guidance for all and is a great resource for instructors/teachers. Dr. Kaneko's techniques are designed to achieve amazing results for the body and mind as a whole, centered on treating the source of the imbalance.

An abundance of information will assist common pain complaints such as sports injuries as well as emotional imbalances and environmentally related issues. These techniques have been practiced through the Shiatsu Massage School Of California for over 25 years and have demonstrated reliable results.