Long Form DVD

Anma Meridian Massage Therapy / DoAnn's Long Form

Price: $ 25.00

Anma and Shiatsu Therapy heals naturally. This is what Dr. Kaneko teaches at the Shiatsu Massage School of California, which he founded in Santa Monica, California in 1982. He is sharing his wisdom and compassion with as many people as he can reach through the means of this DVD. With unique dexterity and awareness he demonstrates the techniques of Shiatsu-Anma massage therapy. This one hour DVD is almost an exact replica of a complete Anma meridian Massage.

We will be able to improve four very common conditions, situated in the head, neck & shoulders, back, and abdomen, using approximately one third of the entire acupuncture points (365). The Long Form focuses on the root of the energy blocks which are along the spine and the abdomen. Thus we treat the sources of pain and sickness.

Please enjoy his artistic and powerful approach using the vital life force of Chi with a mix of soft background music and precise, soothing narration. Dear friends, let us pray that compassion and wisdom prevail thoughout our families and the whole world so that many are freed from ailments and suffering and are blessed by divine consciousness.

FEATURING : DoAnn T.Kaneko, Susan Van Der Wallen
Produced, Directed and edited by Thierry Pierre Vuerings.
Narrated by Carl Siegman
Running time ; 1 hour