Daoyin & Chigong for seniors will be arranged in your community with a group.

Special workshops of Shiatsu & Anma therapies to be practiced at home will be arranged among a couple, friends and families. 
How to apply pain management, stress management and practice compassion will be the focus of the classes.


coming proposed community education program!!!

A. Weekend workshop

1. Series of Healing at Home

A-1 Healing ourselves

1).DoAnn's Chigong

1. Baduanjin / Silk Movements of 8 Brocade Stances to clean up and empowering the Five elements Chi and organs
2. Tree Chigong / 9 Sequence of Life of tree stances
3. Taiji - Chigong / Stances of short form Taichi

2). DoAnn's Daoyin
1. Self treatments of 15 meridians opening along with yoga like stretches.
2. Self treatment for abdomen / cleansing the liver, kidney, intestine

3). DoAnn's Mediation
1. 6 Daoist mediation
2. The Stars - Buddhist , Quantum mediation

4). DoAnn's breathing practice
1. Nentan Alchemy
2. Hindu yoga, " breath of fire. "

5) Other healing modalities
1. Moxibustion for ourselves
2. Tooth pick Acupuncture for ourselves
3. Kanpu masatus / rubbing skins with dry towels
6) Aikidoin presented by Asi Shnabel

A-2. Healing each other at home by DoAnn Kaneko and Si Shnabel

1). Basic Shiatsu and Anma for a couple / to heal each other for more love / DoAnn;s short form
2). Basic Shiatsu for stress management / head and feet session
3). Music hands & Monkey business for children and parents / laughter and tapping shoulder and back
4) .Healing through the healthy eating habits and medicinal foods and minimum supplements

2 . Healing arts for professional presented by Asi Shnabel

1). Introduction of DoAnn's Long Form for beginners
2). Intermediate Anma therapy for professional therapists through side posture Kata and sitting posture kata
3). Advanced Shiatsu and Anma for professional therapists presented by DoAnn and Asi

1. Pain series: Headache, Neck-shoulder ache , Middle to lower back ache, Joints/ Tendons / Ligament aches.
2. Immune empowering
3. Detoxifying
4. Mental, emotional and spiritual issues
5. Female Issue, pregnancy
6.Male Issue , prostate, urinary tract

B. Regular once a week class
Follow up and repeat what they learn from weekend workshop

1) Weekly base
1. DoAnn'sChgong, Dayoin for senior (1 hour )
DoAnn's meditation,
Music hands / katatataki & Monkey business/ laughter

2. Aikidoin presente d by Asi Shnabel

C. Follow up Monthly class by Asi Shnabel:
1. Shiatsu Short form for couples.
2. Stress management / Head and feet
3.Long form for professional therapists
4. Intermediate for professional therapists
5. Anpuku/ abdominal therapy